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February 18, 2011
Volume 4, Number 2
Darwin Campbell, Executive Publisher
An Exclusive Report Publication

Muslims Outraged at Dallas Officials Derogatory Use of Islamic title
Darwin Campbell

DALLAS- Dozens of local Islamic community leaders will hold a press conference today at Dallas City Hall to protest and denounce the disrespectful and flippant use of an Islamic title by a Dallas political leader designed to cast Muslims and Islam in a negative and bad light.

Last week, Republican Precinct Chairman Jeff Turner addressed the Dallas County Commissioners Court and referred to County Commissioner John Wiley Price as a "Mullah". 

“When will this stop! Why does it appear these days’ people are constantly either attacking my faith or using my faith to attack people of other faiths," said Dallas Muslim activist Thomas Muhammad. "It’s so obvious Mr. Turner knew exactly why he used this term it’s also so obvious he has no respect for Muslims. And he and other right wing conservatives will continue to misuse our faith unless we stand up and say in loud voices STOP!”

The demonstration will take place at 1500 Marilla Street near the Reflecting Pool in front of city hall.

During at time when African-Americans are celebrating African-American History Month and achievements of social and economic progress, news of the racial overtones, disrespect and derogatory use of the word “Mullah”  is just another indication that despite the efforts of Rosa Parks and the sacrifices of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Medgar Evers and the events of Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama in March 1965 that racism and disrespect of Blacks, minorities and religious groups remains prevalent in Texas and American society.

News of the incident spread quickly and has outraged people of the North Texas Islamic communities sparking a quick reaction and strong response from the community.

Mullah is the term usually reserved to describe tribal leaders in Afghanistan. Turner used the term six or more time during his speech to attack Commissioner Price and that created a stir of emotions in Price who fired back at the comments and later blasted Turner and some White citizens telling them to "go to hell". 

"Ask yourself what do you think would happen to Turner had he used “Chief Rabbi” in his attacks on John Wylie Price...and why didn’t he?," Muhammad said. "Commissioner Price is not a Muslim, so why would this guy use an Islamic label to attack Commissioner Price who by the way is a life long Christian?"

A number of other Muslim leaders’ in the area are also expressing their anger at how their faith is being used in harmful ways as well.

“Our religion is one of tolerance and respect for all faiths and its believers," said, Khalid Shaheed Imam of the Masjid Al-Islam the oldest Mosque in North Texas. "We appreciate the freedom of speech America holds for everyone wanting to express themselves, but that should not be used to attack others and cause harm. We call on all people of faith to join us on Friday to show their disdain for what this person did and how he used another’s faith.”

Others who have signed on are Mahmoud Egal former President of the Islamic Center Irving, Khalil Meek, CEO of the Muslim League of America (MLFA), Bassam Isa who comes from one of the oldest and largest Muslim families in North Texas and Fred Abdal-Gaffar a famous local Muslim activist.

Gaffar said that what is often forgotten in history are the numerous contributions that Black African men and women have made building America, paying taxes and in supporting and dying in defense of this country.

"We feel that John Wiley Price is doing a superb job and support him for standing up and telling it like it is," Gaffar said. "No one should tolerate fiery racist remarks and we will not put up with religious bigotry. We praise Commissioner Price for doing the right thing and not the 'White" thing."

Friday is the Islamic holy day of worship and many are expected to be at the conference to speak out about this issue.

For more information call Thomas Muhammad at 214-460-7672 or email tmuhammad2003@yahoo.com